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  • Simple rules
  • Exciting gameplay
  • High profitability
  • The presence of an internal bonus
  • Ability to play for free
  • Unlimited maximum multiplier
  • Simple, schematic graphics
  • Not very dynamic sounding

She set a trend in the field of gambling and created a new type of gambling entertainment – crash gambling game Aviator.

About Aviator game

👑 Provider
🔎 Slot type
Video machine
🚩 Release date
🎰 Playing field
95 – 96%
🤠 Slot theme
Airplane crash game
📊 Volatility
💰 Minimum bid
🤑 Maximum rate
⭐ Features of the slot
Automatic game

Aviator is a game released in 2019 by the Kyiv studio Spribe. Despite the simple gameplay, they are very addictive and interesting to play, and the maximum winnings are not limited. But the most important thing is that victory largely depends on the user. In the gambling community, the entertainment quickly received the unofficial name “planes”, which became common and is used for all similar products (and there are quite a few of them on the gaming market).

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Aviator review

Aviator is a game in which you need to predict the duration of a plane’s flight. While it lasts, the payout ratio increases. At this time, the user can make a cashout and withdraw money. At one fine moment, the aircraft suddenly flies away from the playing field. If the gambler has not withdrawn the funds before that, he loses. Those who managed to withdraw their funds before the plane disappeared, receive a payment, which is calculated by multiplying the set amount by the current coefficient. For example, if the user placed $1 and withdrew money at quote 4, then he receives $4.

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Main features

Aviator is a game that offers users social interaction features that are not available in other licensed slots. This ensures a higher level of engagement.

Results statistics

The game of Planes gives players the opportunity to view their own statistics as well as those of other users who have participated in the last few rounds. This information is available in the panel on the left side of the screen, which is divided into three tabs:

  • All rates . General statistics are shown here.
  • My rates . Player stats are displayed here.
  • Top . Here you can see the results of the most successful gamblers.

The presence of statistics makes betting in Aviator more exciting and attractive, because it creates an element of competition between users, encourages them to win more often and overtake the leaders of the top.

Game chat

There is no internal chat. And this is the weak point of the Aviator, since the products of the same genre that came out later have it – after all, the function is in demand by players. Despite this, many gamblers prefer the Aviator because it is better in terms of profitability and predicting when the round will end.


Aviator gameplay always takes place in live mode, and at least several dozen players participate in each round. It is not possible to go offline – this possibility is simply not provided by the rules and features of the gameplay.

Graphics and interface

The Aviator interface consists of the following elements:

  • Main screen . This is the section along which the plane moves.
  • Statistics block . Displays player scores. Located to the left of the main screen.
  • Betting block . Located below the main screen. Here you can enter the amount and confirm participation in the round.

There is also a settings menu where you can turn off music, sound or call up a small tutorial with basic rules. To open it, you need to click on the button with three lines at the top of the screen.

How to play Aviator for money and for free

To play for money, you need to register in a casino where this entertainment is presented, top up your balance and start Aviator. Next, you need to enter the amount and confirm participation in the round. The minimum bet is $0.1. When the plane takes off, you need to monitor the coefficient and make a withdrawal at the right time.

WARNING! The rules allow you to make two independent bets of different amounts and withdraw them at different times.

Using demo mode in Aviator, you can install absolutely free. To do this, it is enough to find entertainment on the casino 1Win website , hover over it and click “Demo”. An introductory version is also available on the official website of the Spribe developer.

In the demo, virtual funds are used instead of real money. Due to this, financial losses in this mode are simply excluded. However, you won’t be able to really win in it.

Bonus options

Aviator is a game that offers only one bonus option, which is also rarely activated. It is a sharp increase in the coefficient in a randomly selected interval of the round. As a rule, after the increase in the quotation, the plane takes off almost immediately, so it is important to withdraw money with a large multiplier on time.


Playing Aviator with strategies will increase your win rate and help you lose less money. Here are some basic tactics that can be used effectively.

Cashout at a quote of 2.5

Up to a coefficient of 3.5, planes are rarely broken, therefore, if you withdraw money at the 2.5 mark, the risk of loss is minimal. However, the payouts will not be the largest due to the relatively low multiplier.


This classic tactic is suitable for all games where it is possible to achieve a coefficient of 2.0 and above. It is implemented as follows:

  1. The bank is divided into equal parts.
  2. The bet of the first amount is made.
  3. In case of winning, the same bet is made.
  4. In case of loss, the amount is doubled.

Martingale does not increase the chances of winning and does not allow for a risk-free game, but it minimizes the gambler’s financial loss by doubling the bet and further increasing the payout in case of success, thereby helping to preserve the bank.

How to play from a phone or tablet

Play Aviator game KenyaIn Plane game Aviator, playing for money and for free in the demo is possible from a smartphone or tablet – through the mobile version of the casino resource, in which the user prefers to make bets. It is an adaptation of the institution’s website for gadgets. The interface of Aviator itself is well optimized for phones, so it is very convenient to interact with it through the touch screen of the device. If the gaming platform has an application, the gambler can place bets in Aviator through it.


Aviator is a game released in 2019. It quickly became incredibly popular and set a trend in the gambling industry. In Aviator, it is suggested to bet on the duration of the plane’s movement. At the same time, the player himself decides when to withdraw money, and the final payout ratio is not limited at all. The main disadvantages are simple graphics and lack of chat for communication between players.

Frequently asked questions

ᐉ Can I bet in Aviator for free?

⭐️ Yes, the game has a demo mode, so you can play it for free. The pilot version of Aviator is available in the casino where it is available, as well as on the official website of the developer.

ᐉ Is it possible to play Aviator without registration?

⭐️ Yes, to use the demo mode, you do not need to register at the casino and top up your game account. It can be used even by guests of gambling establishments.

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